on view: June 24 - October 1, 2017

Featuring ten contemporary artists with backgrounds rooted in a variety of fields and disciplines from natural history, ecology and botany to technology, dance, and music, INTERDISCIPLINARIUM explores the connections between contemporary art and these diverse areas of study

INTERDISCIPLINARIUM aims to spark a conversation about the myriad ways that the arts interact with other disciplines, through coordinating summer camps and events designed to engage a broader audience. The exhibition presents art as a vital instrument in our understanding of other disciplines, and posits artists as creative, imaginative, and innovative problem-solvers across various fields of inquiry.

Opening Reception | Saturday, June 24, 6 - 9 pm
Opening reception for exhibitions on all three levels and open studios with our resident artists.

Community Program & Gallery Talk | Saturday, September 9, 1 - 3 pm
Meet the artists, participate in family-friendly activities, and enjoy light refreshments.

image: Will Connally, Alan and Gorov in Vernon's Break Room

Exhibiting Artists

Stephen Towns, Art + History
In Take Me Away to the Stars, Stephen Towns investigates Nat Turner's 1831 slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia and explores the ways in which violence and history are processed through religion, myth, and escapism.

Will Connally, Art + Literature
Will Connally's photographs are based on the artist's imagined narrative that emerges from the fictional Lake Elster, a rural northern lake.

Lorenzo Cardim, Art + Dance
Drawing from his background in both contemporary dance and professional figure skating, Lorenzo Cardim uses his body as a medium to question social and political structures.

Neil Feather, Art + Music
Using unique materials like bicycle wheels, strings, springs, magnets, and bowling balls, Feather's kinetic instruments explore the sounds of unlikely and humorous physical events.

Alyssa Dennis, Art + Architecture/Ecology
Alyssa Dennis' mixed-media drawings explore architecture and constructed spaces as multi-functional environments.

Beverly Ress, Art + Natural History
Drawing on objects from natural history, science, and medical museum collections, Beverly Ress creates highly representational drawings which she then dismantles and reassembles using a laser cutting technique.

Miriam Simun, Art + Botany
In Agalinis Dreams, Miriam Simun chronicles the history of the Agalinis acuta, a flower species in New York State that is nearing extinction.

Catherine Pancake, Art + Film/Ecology
Catherine Pancake's video Bloodland casts a critical and personal lens on the natural-gas fracking industry and the resulting ecological trauma.

Art on the Grounds

Brian Davis, Art + Technology
For the INTERDISCIPLINARIUM opening reception, Brian Davis will create an outdoor installation, considering forces of light, gravity, momentum, stasis, and the liminal area between those forces.

Salvatore Pirrone, Art + Architecture/Sound
Salvatore Pirrone's large-scale wooden megaphone plays with the idea of transforming a musical instrument into something architectural and playful.