Arden Bendler Browning in FALL SOLOS 2011
Arden Bendler Browning, Excavation, 2010, Flashe and gouache on Tyvek, 60 x 130


OCT 6 - DEC 30, 2011

ONE on ONE: Artists in Conversation Nov 12

Tour the galleries, talk with the artists, and visit the studios Saturday, Nov 12 from 4 to 6:30. AAC resident artists and a guest artist will interview six of the FALL SOLOS 2011 artists in their galleries. A reception will follow in the Wyatt Gallery where you can also see PROXIMITY IN PRACTICE, a group exhibition of work by resident artists.

Meyer Gallery: David D'Orio: Kathryn Lynch Thibault
Smith Gallery: Rachel Sitkin: Pam Rogers
Chairmen's Gallery: Chloe Watson: Lee Gainer
Experimental Gallery: Stephanie Robbins: Rachel Schmidt
Truland Gallery: Jason Irla: Matthew M. Smith
Tiffany Gallery: Matt Dunn: Jason Horowitz


Browning’s sprawling, wall-sized paintings on Tyvek are the artist’s response to the urban environment—the cacophony of sounds and images and movement, its frequent collapse and transformation. Her imagery is derived from actual and virtual (through the medium of Google maps) meanderings throughout the fringe neighborhoods of Philadelphia where she is based.


Slightly demonic, knife-brandishing toys in saccharine pink and blue threaten to take over the gallery. By deconstructing, reassembling, and recontextualizing the pull toy, Play-Makers asks the questions: Who is constructing ideas and how are they being used and consumed? What is the gravity and purpose of play? D’Orio is the co-founder of a public access glass-blowing facility in the metropolitan DC area.


Dunn started his portrait project in 2009 and exhibits six large C-prints from the series in AAC’s Tiffany Gallery. His subjects are found (or in one case posed) on the streets of Washington DC where he lives and works.


Intrigued by the history of painting and the “grand narrative” of painters and painting, Irla always wanted to make paintings that changed with time—that evolved in time. He found that ability in video. Using corrupted data and deteriorating or obsolete equipment, and software that breaks down electronic data, the Baltimore-based artist looks into how we use technology to interface with the past and the present.


Robbins exhibits Apartment B, the final piece in a trilogy of installations entitled In Search of Home. Consisting of nine images arranged on the gallery walls and floor and headphones for six people, the installation creates an experience of the artist’s home for the viewer which is both unique and shared. Robbins is an assistant professor of art for photography and computer imagery at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown WV.


Sitkin’s subject is the environment and the shifting relationship between it and the people that inhabit it. The velvety texture of her gouache paintings and the geometries of nature tempered by human interaction reveal our often contradictory relationship with the land. Sitkin is based in Baltimore.


In the intimate space of the Chairmen’s Gallery, viewers are invited to experience discreet places and people that punctuate Watson’s past. With the comfort that counting brings to both pleasant and annoying experiences, Watson revisits and codifies the 17 bedrooms she has inhabited throughout her life and the 73 jerks she has come into contact with. She is based in Baltimore.