Introducing Our Spring Solos 2017 Artists

John Ryan Brubaker, On Confluence #6

On Confluence by John Ryan Brubaker uses photographs developed in a West Virginia river using an acid mine agent to depict transit, such as interstates, riverbeds and intersections.


Zoe Cohen’s Shul/Church Project uses a traditional Jewish cut-paper technique to illustrate historic synagogues and churches in U.S. cities that were later re-purposed or demolished. Her vision is to show the shared history between the Jewish and Black communities by showcasing the beauty in these buildings.

Sound is the focus of Shannon Collis exhibition Atlas as she focuses on how our auditory perception shapes our environment. Using various mediums- vibration sensors, video and camera assemblies, she explores the relationship between visual and acoustic occurrences.

In Friends at Play Braxton Congrove merges performance with stand alone art to explore complex subjects with crafty objects to create a visually appealing and playful display.


Sascha Hughes-Caley‘s To What End takes a comedic approachSascha Hughes-Caley; Yes and (Prem) to a series of otherwise serious topics such as spirituality and failure, with the hope addressing darker themes ranging from shame to power.


Ali seradge; Ildlith 2015, Ali Seradge takes us on a journey through past and present as he reflects on his childhood experiences as an Iranian-American and the current state of the Middle East and Mediterranean regions as told through media.

René Treviño swaps out traditional Greek and Western names of constellations for Ancient Mexican names and those from his personal family history for his aptly titled Renaming the Constellations. He used layers depicting the constellations to create his exhibition.

Spring SOLOS 2017 will be on view on the Main and Lower level galleries April 8-June 11. Also on view in the Wyatt Gallery will be Grizzly,Grizzly: Future Imperfect Continuous, a collaboration between Philadelphia collective Grizzly, Grizzly and some of AAC’s resident artists.

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