art classes at aac

AAC offers a variety of original art classes year-round. Classes are small, and scheduled to fit easily into the school or work day. Instructors are professional artists and art teachers, many of whom have achieved the highest degrees in their fields. Online registration makes life easy!

2015 Summer Art Camps Now Open for Registration! Click Here for details!

2015 Spring Classes are Now Open for Registration! Read more below for details!

Children Spring 2015

In the Round (ages 4 - 6)
Wednesdays, Apr. 22 thru Jun. 10 @ 4:30 - 6 pm

This course is focused on everything 3-dimensional! We’ll learn new sculpting and construction techniques using clay, paper, and even recycled objects. Projects may include folded paper and origami, air dry clay sculptures, paper-mache, and art that pops-up off of our paper! We may even work together for a collaborative installation in the classroom. As we approach our projects, we’ll think to ourselves, ‘how does this look from all sides?’ or ‘how does this look in the round?’.

Into the Third Dimension (ages 7 - 10)
Wednesdays, Apr. 22 thru Jun. 10 @ 4:30 - 6 pm

Calling all budding sculptors! In this course, we’ll discuss what qualities make for interesting 3D design. Elements like space, shape, plane, value, texture, color, and line will all be considered as we create interesting and dynamic 3D pieces with air dry clay, Sculpey, wire, and found objects. For those of you interested in drawing and painting, we’ll find ways to work these techniques in, especially as we embellish our completed designs!

Adults Spring 2015 -  You spoke, and we listened! We've reduced class size to give students ample room to work and increased one-on-one time with AAC instructors!

Right-Brained Drawing I & II (ages 18+)
Tuesdays, Apr. 21 thru Jun. 9, @ 6:30 - 8:30 pm
AAC Instructor Melanie Kehoss will be your personal trainer in this course designed to exercise your perceptual right brain to train your brain how to see and think like an artist. Students will use a variety of drawing media like pencils, pens, charcoal, chalk, and India ink while observing a range of subjects. Beginners are welcome, as well as more experienced students who want to loosen up, break old habits, or just have a relaxed drawing experience. Students who participated in this course during the winter are welcome to return for redesigned content and an opportunity to further their drawing skills. Pictured at left: Melanie Kehoss, The Penultimate, wood, paper, vellum, gouache, Plexiglas, and LEDs. 2011.

The Art of Travel (ages 18+)
Tuesdays, Apr. 21 thru Jun. 9, @ 6:30 - 8:30 pm
From city plans to road maps, from postcards to sketches, this multi-media class will explore both how to artistically document travel and how to make art that is inspired by your travels. Through exercises involving a wide variety of media and techniques, participants will learn new ways to convey things seen while traveling and the feelings that travel evokes. Techniques may include collage, paper pop-ups, map-making, image transfer, and book-binding, to name a few. Whether taking a day trip to the beach or an overseas vacation, let AAC Instructor Jennifer Wilkin Penick be your tour guide to creativity and recording the world around you in a personal and meaningful way.

Playing with Paint (ages 18+)
Wednesdays, May 6 thru Jun. 12, @ 6:30 - 8:30 pm

We think art can be exploratory and fun, so why not approach it as play? Leading up to AAC’s summer exhibition PLAY, we will explore one of its themes: play as vital tool for experimentation and innovation in art-making. Students will gain confidence from the challenge of experimental painting exercises. In this multimedia/acrylic painting course, problem solving, spontaneity, chance, and unique materials will direct artistic processes yielding interesting and complex works of art. AAC Instructor Stephanie Lane will help students strengthen their painting skills, and develop a personal artistic sensibility through play and experimentation. Pictured at left: Stephanie Lane, Spring’s Push, oil on canvas, 26 x 40 in.