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on view JUN 25 - OCT 2, 2016

Strange Landscapes - Main Level and Lower Level Galleries
Strange Landscapes approaches landscape as a topic, a historical legacy, a lens for exploring our relationship with nature, and a foundation for imagining alternative ways of being. Featuring painting, drawing, installation, video, sculpture, and performance, the exhibition highlights artists whose work both draws on and challenges traditional artistic approaches to the natural and built environments. The exhibition will include artist talks, interactive community workshops, and a catalog, along with curriculum for both students and adults.

on view JUN 25 - JUL 31, 2016

Austin Shull: Reconciliation - Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery - Upper Level
On the Upper Level, we will present Reconciliation, a solo exhibition by AAC Resident Artist Austin Shull. In Reconciliation, the excavation of a former tenement building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan launches a multi-media, including video and photography, installation exploring alternative histories. A video reveals the collective investigations, interactions, and fantasies of its participants as they unearth a multitude of artifacts. Shown in tandem, is a series of large format color images, Reconciliation/Reconstitution, in which the discovered objects are documented as engaged in a play of fantasy and fetishism. Reconciliation seeks to present history as an investigative process involving past, present, and future and through this framework, explores history’s psychological and personal implications.

on view JUN 25 - JUL 31, 2016

Materialized Magic - Jenkins Community Gallery - Lower Level
On the Lower Level, the Jenkins Gallery will be transformed into an immersive three-dimensional fiber art installation entitled Materialized Magic: Mythical Creatures in a Yarn Artistry Habitat. Featuring the work of artists Stacy Cantrell and Erika Cleveland Materialized Magic is a collaborative process, sourcing the community for creation, assembly, installation, and de-installation of woodland, water, and sky habitats for the large-scale mythical fiber creatures created by the two artists. Yarn bomb meet ups, scheduled to take place prior to and during the installation, invite the community to participate in this work.

on view AUG 13 - OCT 2, 2016

Light Wishes Only to Be Land, curated by Becca Kallem
Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery - Upper Level
opening reception: Sat, Aug 13, 6 - 9 pm
In the language of painting, flatness and depth are usually opposites. Light Wishes Only to Be Land, a group show curated by AAC Resident Artist Becca Kallem features work by Tom Bunnell, Mike Dowley, Liz Guzman, along with Becca Kallem, and presents a variety of approaches to surface and space. Guzman’s work addresses kitsch and femininity, while Kallem’s pieces stem from philosophical and metaphysical interests. Both artists are interested in layers and veils that can conceal or reveal, with openings and apertures that hint at identities, meanings, or other worlds. Mike Dowley creates paintings and “sculpture-paintings” from memory and observation that represent familiar, beloved places. Heavily textured oil paintings combine materiality and conventional landscape space. The works are tactile, concrete caricatures of boulders and other organic forms. Tom Bunnell’s beautifully fractured paintings also feature layers of mark and color. If not landscapes, they are sites with both frontal space and depth.

on view AUG 12 - OCT 2, 2016

Photography Institute - Jenkins Community Gallery - Lower Level
This summer in the the Jenkins Community Gallery AAC will present the work of teen students from the summer Photography Institute, developed in partnership with Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. Students will participate in an intensive program that covers historic and contemporary practices of photography from film to digital. Ultimately, students will work together to mount this group photography exhibition after exploring the technical, creative, and curatorial aspects of photography and exhibitions.


Spring SOLOS 2016

King of the Forest: Adventures in Bioperversity

Fall SOLOS 2015