past exhibitions

King of the Forest: Adventures in Bioperversity
JAN 27 - APR 4, 2016
Curated by Megan Rook-Koepsel KOTF explored and reimagined the strength and severity of the impact that humans have on the planet, and particularly on animals.

Daydreams in the Anthropocene
JAN 27 - APR 4, 2016
Using simple materials, paper and light, AAC Resident Artist Rachel Schmidt built a delicate future world, one not too far away.

Instructor Select 2016
JAN 27 - APR 4, 2016
Highlighting work by AAC instructors alongside those of their adult students we explored the transmission and flow of ideas and techniques from instructor to student.

2015 Fall SOLOS
OCT 24 - DEC 20, 2015
Artists: Katie Duffy, Rachel Guardiola, Dean Kessmann, Sonya Lawyer, Nara Park, Austin Shull, Benjamin Zellmer Bellas.

Michele Colburn: Wired
OCT 24 - DEC 20, 2015
AAC Resident Artist Michele Colburn explored the impact of war and violence on American culture.

PLAY: Tinker, Tech, and Toy
JUL 11 - OCT 11, 2015
PLAY is an exhibition that examines games and play through the lens of contemporary art.

2015 Spring SOLOS
APR 18 - JUN 28, 2015
Artists: Bradley Chriss, Nichola Kinch, Kate Kretz, Ariana Lamb, Nate Larson, Dan Perkins, and Paul Shortt.

Emerging Curators Spotlight: Instigate. Activate.
JAN 24 - APR 4, 2015
Curators Ellen Chenoweth, Danielle O’Steen, Megan Rook-Koepsel, and Caitlin Tucker-Melvin to create group exhibitions with the theme of their choice.

Fall SOLOS 2014
OCT 18 - DEC 21, 2014
Artists: Thomas Burkett, Heloisa Escudero, Khanh H. Le, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Matthew Moore, Matthew Shelley, and Ann Tarantino

REPRISE: 40 to the Fore
JUL 12 - OCT 5, 2014
REPRISE: 40 to the Fore rethinks, remixes, and re-presents exhibitions that emerged from Arlington Arts Center over the past 40 years through its innovative programming.

Spring SOLOS 2014
APR 26 - JUN 29, 2014
Artists: Phillip Adams, Benjamin Andrews, Alex Arzt, Kyle Bauer, Elizabeth Kauffman, Colleen McCubbin Stepanic, Salvatore Pirrone.

CSA: Forty Years of Community-Sourced Art
JAN 23 - APR 13, 2014
Curated by Laura Roulet, CSA celebrates 40 years of AAC’s role as incubator of regional talent, both artistic and curatorial. Featuring artists whose careers were launched at AAC, either through the residency program or exhibitions, CSA highlights veterans alongside more recent arrivals.

NOV 2 - DEC 22, 2013
Artists: Kristina Bilonick, Amy Chan, Matthew Fishel, Ping Shen, Paul Thulin, Jennie Thwing, Stephanie Williams.

JUN 29 - OCT 13, 2013
GREEN ACRES at AAC was a multi-seasonal, multi-faceted, interactive art venture focused on art and agriculture that was comprised of several elements, and a series of public programs.

APR 10 - JUN 9, 2013
The fifteenth installment of WPA’s biennial exhibition of works by emerging and unrepresented artists from DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Presented by Washington Project for the Arts, Gerald Ross, curator

APR 10 - JUN 9, 2013
Blair Murphy, curator. Artists Si Jae Byun, Lee Gainer, Hedieh Ilchi, Becca Kallem, Bridget Sue Lambert, Megan Mueller, Pam Rogers, Rachel Schmidt, Matthew Smith, Katie Lynch Thiebault, Jessica van Brakle, Alice Whealin.

INTERWOVEN: Art.Craft.Design
JAN 18 - MAR 24, 2013
JURORS: Melissa Messina, Senior Curator of SCAD Exhibitions, and Kathryn Wat, Chief Curator, National Museum of Women in the Arts.  ARTISTS: Jehanne Arslan, Gertrude Berg, Allison Bianco, Ryan Brennan, Caroline Chandler, RL Croft, Matthew De Leon, Nikki Farrand, Samantha Fields, Joe Fish, Maggie Gourlay, Clarissa Gregory, Melanie Kehoss, Lily Kuonen, Heidi Leitzke, Shawne Major, Susannah Mira, Rebecca Mushtare, Marc Robarge, Katie Shaw, Kristin Skees, Jessica Smith, Erwin Timmers, Olivia Valentine, Saya Woolfalk, Martine Workman.

OCT 3 - DEC 23
Jurors JJ McCracken, Karen Milbourne, and Klaus Ottman selected the 2012 solo artists. Five artists exhibited in the spring, and seven in the fall: Barbara Bernstein, Warren Craghead, Nancy Daly, Naomi J. Falk, Laura Hudson, Timothy Thompson, and Richard Vosseller.

RULEMAKER: Becca Kallem and Matthew Smith
OCT 3 - DEC 23
Resident Artists Kallem and Smith share a studio, and their artwork in this show employs similar geometric shapes and abstract forms. Facing each other on opposite walls of the Wyatt Gallery, they set up an interesting dialogue about the nature of painting and its materiality.

CTRL+P: New Directions in Printmaking
JUN 22 - SEPT 16, 2012
Curators: Kristina Bilonick and Julie Chae
Artists: Anne Albagli, Jordan Bernier, Melissa Brown, Paul Chan, Kris Chatterson, Brian Chippendale, Billy Colbert, Vince Contarino, Christopher Davison, E.V. Day, Anthony Dihle, Kyle Durrie, Jeremy Flick, Tim Gibbon, Jungil Hong, Gary Kachadourian, Byron Kim, Steve Lambert, Hugh Leeman, Glenn Ligon, Marie Lorenz, Esperanza Mayobre, Serena Perrone, Gretchen Schermerhorn & Franc Rosario, Kelly Sherman, Rob Swainston, and Barbara Takenaga.

JUNE 22 - SEPT 16, 2012
Using manipulated snapshots of Fourth of July parades and beach resorts, Lee Gainer explores how memories are constructed with four new paintings in her exhibition, The Pursuit of Happiness.

APRIL 4 - JUNE 10, 2012
Artists: Emily Biondo, Michael Borek, Leah Cooper, Travis Head, and Emily Hermant.

APRIL 4 - JUNE 10, 2012
Jenny Sidhu Mullins, curator. Featuring the work of AAC Resident Artists Matthew M. Smith, Megan Mueller, Hedieh Ilchi, and Jenny Mullins, and Visiting artist Si Jae Byun.

APRIL 4 - JUNE 10, 2012
A photography program for youth around the world, provides students with a unique opportunity to learn photography fundamentals while exploring their own communities and to have their best works exhibited at AAC.

JAN 13 - MARCH 18, 2012
Curator Jeffry Cudlin brought together 11 artists who explore shifting contemporary perceptions of women’s bodies, gender roles, and identities through the lens of sports spectacle: Holly Bass, Martin Schoeller, Amber Hawk Swanson, Tara Mateik, Cory Oberndorfer, Nancy Floyd, Sarada Conaway, Jenny Drumgoole, Kristina Bilonick, Dewey Nicks, and Moira Lovell.

Gillian Schroeder: herd
JAN 13 - MARCH 18
An interactive community of t-bone steak cushions that allow viewers to engage with meat in new contexts.

OCT 6 - DEC 30, 2011
Arden Bendler Browning, David D'Orio, Matt Dunn, Jason Irla, Stephanie Elaine Robbins, Rachel Sitkin, and Chloe Watson.

OCT 6 - DEC 30, 2011
Curated by Executive Director Stefanie Fedor and Resident Artist Rachel Schmidt: Lee Gainer, Bridget Sue Lambert, Megan Mueller, Jenny Sidhu Mullins, Danielle Mysliwiec, Pam Rogers, Gillian Schroeder, Matthew M. Smith, Kathryn Lynch Thibault, Jessica Van Brakle, and Alice Whealin.

JUNE 22- SEPTEMBER 25, 2011
Juror Helen Allen—planner of (e)merge art fair—selected 12 artists from across the mid-Atlantic region who were willing to reveal the ways they think and problem-solve in the studio: Andrew Wodzianski, John James Anderson, F. Lennox Campello, R. L. Croft, Craig Kraft, Magnolia Laurie, Jessie Lehson, Ephraim Russell, Samuel Scharf, Dan Tulk, Jessica Van Brakle, and Tom Wagner.

DAMSELS & DAEMONS: Rachel Schmidt
JUN 22- SEPT 25, 2011
DC-based artist Rachel Schmidt mashes up Victorian aesthetics and the modern world in a multimedia tableau. Through interconnected photos, drawings and sculpture, Schmidt creates a world of double identities and make-believe friends. Damsels and Demons focuses on two women and their monsters—and explores how relationships formed in psychological space can alter our physical realities.

APR 15- JUN 5, 2011
For AAC SOLOS 2011, DC collector and curator Michael Pollack and independent international curator Melissa Keys, formerly of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Australia, selected this year’s crop of promising emerging contemporary artists from across the Mid-Atlantic region: Jennifer Coster; Leigh Davis, Mindy Hirt, Mariah Anne Johnson, Joshua Wade Smith, and Ailsa Staub.

FEB 2 - APR 3, 2011
ON THE ROAD features artists who work in the world, away from gallery or studio environments, inviting unexpected encounters. Many of their projects are created in temporary residencies, and explore tourism, informal public spaces, and nomadic peoples: Andrea Chung, Gregory Thielker, Mary Mattingly, Anne Percoco, Jess Perlitz, Michael Ruglio-Misurel, Graham Coreil-Allen, Tim Ivison, Nick Lucking and Ellie Lee.

Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World
NOV 19, 2010 - JAN 16, 2011
Cataog designed by Blaise Larmee with a foreword by AAC Executive Director Claire Huschle and essays by Andrei Molotiu, Jeffry Cudlin, and Cynthia Connolly. Download a pdf of the catalog here. PARTY CRASHERS mashes up comic art and contemporary gallery culture, and features artists who pass back and forth between the two worlds. This massive two venue show results from a crosstown collaboration between AAC Director of Exhibitions Jeffry Cudlin and Artisphere Gallery Director Cynthia Connolly.

SEPT 10 - NOV 7, 2010
John Henry Blatter, Matt King, Johanna Mueller, Tim Portlock, Kathleen Shafer, Joanie Turbek: six artists in seven galleries.

JUN 18 - AUG 21, 2010
Matt Ravenstahl, Selin Balci, Christian Benefiel, Michael Paul Britto, Kevin Kepple, Michele Kong, Suzi Fox, Madeline Stillwell, Jerry Kaba, Ryan Kelly, Oscar Santillan, Jason Hughes, Jackie Milad, David Page, Dustin Carlson, Nicholas Frank, Michelle Grabner, Brad Killam, Felicity Hogan, James Robert Southard, Elin Lennox, Sally Bozzuto, Laura Jean Kahl, Loren Gold, Elena Volkova, Magali Duzant, John Riepenhoff, Jose Ruiz, Bill Thelen, Austin Thomas, and Rene Trevino.

JUN  18 - AUG 21, 2010 Sabyna Sterrett presents a series of new works all created with discarded plastic bags. In the Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery.

JUN 18 - AUG 21, 2010
In the Jenkins Community Gallery: Photographer Kay Chernush holds a mirror up to prejudice and stereotypes experienced by Arlington residents.

APR 16 - JUN 5, 2010
John James Anderson, Mia Feuer, Ana B. Hernandez, Steven Pearson, Rachel Schmidt, and Gregory Thielker.

JAN 29 – APR 3, 2010
Transhuman Conditions features ten artists thinking about the future of the human body. Curated by AAC Director of Exhibitions Jeffry Cudlin. The roster for the show is: Arakawa and Gins, CarianaCarianne, Laure Drogoul, Shane Hope, Jason Horowitz, Ivan Lozano, Shana Moulton, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Philip Warnell, and Saya Woolfalk.

NOV 20, 2009 - JAN 16, 2010
The roster for the AAC’s national juried show of photo and video work, IMAGE/PROJECT, was chosen by internationally recognized artist Taryn Simon. Simon, a Guggenheim fellow represented by Gagosian gallery in New York, selected 17 different projects by 19 artists for our galleries. The exhibition itself features three black box video spaces and four galleries of photographs.

SEPT 11 - NOV 7, 2009
ARTISTS: Christian Benefiel, Cynthia Hron, David Page, Roxana Perez-Mendez, and Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum.

JUN 19 - AUG 22, 2009
These eight artists short-circuit accepted narratives through historical reenactments, parodies, anachronisms, and other hiccups in the fabric of daily life. CURATOR: Jeffry Cudlin ARTISTS: Josh Azzarella, A. Clarke Bedford, Megan Hildebrandt, Anna Lucas, Ding Ren, E. Brady Robinson, Mark Tribe, and Erin Williams

APR 17 - JUN 6, 2009
AAC serves as an official collection site for internationally acclaimed artist Mel Chin's FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL PROJECT. This was marked by a lecture at aac by Mel Chin, as well as an exhibition featuring videos, a FUNDRED work station, and thousands of individual FUNDRED artworks created by area K - 12 schoolchildren.

SPRING SOLOS ARTISTS: Steve Frost, Gregory McLellan, Christopher LaVoie, Jason Lee, and Joe Lupo

JAN 30 - APR 4, 2009
This show puts together art about the artist's immediate surroundings, domestic sphere, and personal relationships; and art that exists out in the world, inviting or requiring the public's physical participation. CURATOR: Jeffry Cudlin ARTISTS: Lisa Blas, Chris Barr & Véronique Côté, Mandy Burrow, Ben Kinsley & Robin Hewlett, Anissa Mack, Christian Moeller, Stephanie Robbins, Richard Saxton, Satomi Shirai, and Matthew Sutton.

DEC 12, 2008 - JAN 17, 2009
UNLIMITED EDITION is a juried show about the relationship of the artworld to reproduction, marketing, and consumption. JURORS: Kriston Capps, Martin Irvine, and Welmoed Laanstra ARTISTS: Christine Bailey, Krista Birnbaum, Cynthia Connolly, Kathryn Cornelius, Susana Raab, and Joanie Turbeck
WINTER SOLOS ARTISTS (Meyer Gallery): Alexis Granwell and Josh Rodenberg

OCT 10 - NOV 29, 2008
ARTISTS: Andrea Chung, Sarada Conaway, Lily Cox-Richard, Robin Dana, Ben Pranger, Judy Stone, and Virginia Warwick

PICTURING POLITICS 2008: Artists Speak to Power
AUG 15 - SEPT 27, 2008
CURATOR: Rex Weil ARTISTS: Helga Thomson, Renee Stout, Jose Ruiz, Rick Reinhard, The Pinky Show, Jefferson Pinder and Matt Ravenstahl, Randall Packer and John Anderson, Independence Fund's Veterans Art Project and the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, Alberto Gaitán and Victoria F Gaitán, Benjamin Edwards, Mary Coble, Judy Byron, Lisa Blas, Wendy Babcox and Meg Mitchell

SHE’S SO ARTICULATE: Black Women Artists Reclaim the Narrative
JUN 10 – JUL 19, 2008
SHE’S SO ARTICULATE argues for an expanded field for narrative in contemporary art by African-American women. CURATORS: Henry Thaggert and Jeffry Cudlin ARTISTS: Maya Asante, Renee Cox, Stephanie Dinkins, Djakarta, Nekisha Durrett, Torkwase Dyson, Faith Ringgold, Erika Ranee, Nadine Robinson, Renee Stout, and Lauren Woods

Spring SOLOS 2008
APR 8 - MAY 31, 2008
ARTISTS: Jacklyn Brickman, Laure Drogoul, Jeremy Drummond, Jennifer Fleming, Jennifer Mattingly, and Erin Williams

JAN 29 - MAR 29, 2008
Six separate exhibitions curated by local art collectors--not showing off their collections, but borrowing works that reflect their interests. CURATORS: Philip Barlow, Julian Fore, Philippa Hughes, Daniel Levinas, Heather and Tony Podesta, and Henry Thaggert ARTISTS: Steve Alterman, Wayne Edson Bryan, William Christenberry, Tim Conlon, Kathryn Cornelius, John Dreyfuss, Leon Ferrari, Sam Gilliam, Janis Goodman, Simon Gouverneur, Michele Kong, Barbara Liotta, Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Terry, Tomas Rivas, and Jeffrey Smith