On the Road



MAR 5: Walking tours with ON THE ROAD artist Graham Coreil-Allen. Adult tour at 2 PM; children's tour at 3 PM. Read more about the event on curator Jeffry Cudlin's personal blog Hatchets and Skewers.

Click here for a pdf of the ON THE ROAD catalog. View some installation images on Facebook.

ON THE ROAD features artists who work in the world, away from gallery or studio environments, inviting unexpected encounters. Many of their projects are created in temporary residencies, and explore tourism, informal public spaces, and nomadic peoples.

In her Securicorp project, Baltimore artist Andrea Chung marks sites in Mauritius where sexual harassment is prevalent—by accompanying island women during their daily errands while dressed in her own self-designed security guard costume.

Graham Coreil-Allen in ON THE ROAD

Baltimore artist Graham Coreil-Allen will present his book The Typology of New Public Sites along with videos exploring informal, disused spaces within walking distance of AAC.

LA artists Nick Lucking and Tim Ivison’s website, SPCMKR, offers a place for artists to swap informal residencies across the globe. Nick will also be showing a collaboration created with Ellie Lee in remote Lituya Bay, Alaska: an installation based on the true story of a 1,720 foot tall megatsunami that ravaged the coastline in 1958.

New York artist Mary Mattingly moves back and forth in her practice between real-world, performative projects—including The Water Pod, a floating sculptural eco-habitat on which artists lived and worked together for several months—and fantastic constructed photos depicting nomadic peoples.

Michael Ruglio-Misurell in ON THE ROAD

New York/Berlin artist Michael Ruglio-Misurell examines post-disaster zones, public cruising grounds, and slums, creating architectural pieces inside galleries and as well as in vacant lots, alleys, and basements.

Philadelphia artist Jess Perlitz creates public pieces about mediation and communication, often involving megaphones, telescopes, and even semaphore flags.

Anne Percoco in ON THE ROAD

New York artist Anne Percoco offers photos of a tiny model city the artist created based on her experiences in Bangalore—India’s Silicon Valley—along with documentation of interactive performances about travel undertaken during a residency there.

Washington DC artist Gregory Thielker presents a series of small nearly monochromatic paintings on aluminum panel documenting views along the Gamle Strynfjellsveg, one of three mountain roads the artist visited in Norway via a 2010 summer travel grant. Though all three roads are designated as Tourist Routes, Thielker’s low-contrast blue-grey images show interchangeable arrangements in jagged rocks, patchy snow, and rising and falling terrain, executed every three kilometers along a 27 km span.