aac exhibition - SPRING SOLOS 2010 April 16- June 5, 2010

Steve Pearson
Steven Pearson


April 16- June 5, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, April 16, 6 – 9 pm

Project 4 Gallery director Rebecca Jones and notable DC collector Henry Thaggert led our exhibitions committee in selecting the six mid-Atlantic artists featured in this year’s installment of SPRING SOLOS.

Nearly all of the members of this group currently hail from Washington, D.C. In fact, the only non-Washingtonian is Philadelphia-based sculptor/installation artist Ana B. Hernandez, who will be featured in our Chairmen’s Gallery. Hernandez often creates colorful, spun or woven installations in marginal or interstitial spaces—tucked into corners, suspended close to the ceiling, and spilling off of windowsills.

In our Meyer gallery, recent D.C. transplant Mia Feuer will present a super-sized sculptural installation, an expansion of her 2009 piece, Evacuation Route with Rubies. Feuer typically creates colorful architectural interventions that crowd the gallery space with elements resembling twisted wreckage of buildings, gutted automobiles, and even cartoonish animals.

In the Smith Corridor gallery, Steven Pearson will show his large abstract paintings that employ elements from comic art. Panel divides, word balloons, explosions, and motion lines all compete and overlap within his resolutely flat, high-contrast graphic world.

Gregory Thielker’s paintings, by contrast, lean toward photorealism. Thielker creates tightly rendered images of views through rain-spattered car windshields—swirling fields of grey-green and blue, punctuated by fragmented bursts of orange and red, indicating auto tail lights.

Downstairs in our Truland Experimental Galleries, John James Anderson will create an informational display: For his project titled Maintenance Required, Anderson walked through each ward of the city, mapping all of the malfunctioning firehydrants that he found. Hydrants are marked with colored tape and hanging signs indicating various levels of disrepair or inadequate pressure.

And Rachel Schmidt will present a semi-autobiographical story-driven installation using collage, text, and sculpture. Story Spills: Panama will move from floor to wall to ceiling, drawing the viewer through surreal vistas of cities, forests, and skies.