aac resident artist - Marc Roman


Artist Statement

My latest works are a commitment to small scale studies for a prescribed time, at the conclusion of which these studies will be made into larger versions either on canvas or panel. These works incorporate several disciplines I have been developing over the years including photography, painting, design and drawing. Cast in resin, they have introduced a more sculptural aspect to my work, and large scale versions of the actual resin blocks is a goal in the coming year. Abstraction and a more objective form of drawing are mixed in transparent and opaque layers in the blocks of resin, capturing a fleeting or fully realized concept frozen in time and set in amber. Government agents, mad scientists and more than a few unidentifiables float suspended in the resin, as time capsules to the social and antisocial response to delicate global matters.


Beginning as a Graphic Design student in college, over the years I have gravitated much more towards fine art. Having lived and worked for seven years in Manhattan before returning to Washington DC at the end of 1999, I maintained a studio and worked as an art handler in museums and galleries in and around New York City, all the while creating art in my every spare moment. My goal has always been the same since I first fell in love with painting, to work and live as a full time artist. Upon returning to Washington DC, I have also been very fortunate to meet and play music with area musicians, and am currently involved in two music projects, Pinkam Ryder and Flux Liner. This new endeavor has led to music for animated films I have been working on in collaboration with other artists and musicians in DC and in New York City.