aac resident artist - Katie Lynch Thibault



Studio practice, teaching, and technology form the foundation of Ms. Thibault’s artistic life. Her work in ceramic and glass sculpture, lighting design and stagecraft, crafts, large scale kinetic installation, performance, graphics, and web development all factor into her current work. The basis for that is the changing perceptions of the relationship between language, mechanical structures, and the body, and the contemporary disintegration of the distance between the self and an inorganic “other." She continues to investigate the intersections of these elements, creating sculptural apparatus for the body, drawings, and wall installations in metal and paper.

Ms. Thibault has exhibited in commercial and university galleries in the US and Canada and has received numerous grants, fellowships and awards. She is ABD for a doctorate in Media Art and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University, and she received an MFA from The Ohio State University, Columbus, and a BFA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.