The More Things Change

on view: January 20 - March 31, 2018

Michèle Colburn’s work explores socio-political themes related to domestic terrorism, war, and the costs associated with both. A multidisciplinary artist, Colburn makes mixed-media objects with forays into endurance performance on the streets. Her two- and three-dimensional work incorporates gunpowder, spent bullet casings, and vintage surplus military trip wire. With a nod to Pop Art and notions of consumerism, these materials are transformed by the artist’s hand and process, rendered useless but retaining their associations and symbolism. In The More Things Change, the artist reflects on her upbringing during the Vietnam War and the current political climate, drawing parallels regarding leaders, violence, uncertainty, and conversely, the need for escape.

image: Michèle Colburn, Let Them Eat Cake

About the Artist

Michèle Colburn is a Washington, DC-based artist and native Washingtonian. She works in multi-media and makes work in both two and three dimensions. Her practice focuses on creating works that address political and social concerns, both national and global. Her work has been exhibited in DC, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver and Los Angeles, and is in numerous private collections throughout the US. She earned a BA in Art History from Franklin and Marshall College, in Pennsylvania and an MFA from American University in 2012. She has worked in the arts and cultural arenas for the better part of 16 years including for the Hirshhorn and Whitney Museums of Art and currently is an Adjunct Professor in the DC metro area. She also teaches for Arlington Arts Center. She is represented by Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art, in Washington, DC.